In Florence, it’s easy to find a good beer. But if you want to try a great artisanal beer, that’s an entirely different matter.

For many years Il Desco Bistrot has been giving its customers the chance to discover the flavours and great taste of high quality artisanal beers in Florence. A selection of these beers enhance some of our recipes, so much so that they have made a space for themselves next to the exclusive selection of wines we usually recommend.

Once again, we have been faithful to the principles that guide our choices in the matter of food and farm to table products:

in our selection of beers, we deal with local and artisanal producers, ensuring the maximum quality of ingredients (water, barley, and malt), often supplied by the producers themselves.

Desco Birra al tavolo red

We chose from bigger firms, such as Baladin, and from those who barely produce 300 litres per year, such as the Tuscan company Loren Ipsum. Their common trait is their attention to detail, starting from their way of agriculture to the sophisticated design of the labels on their bottles.

It seemed to us that these producers had the same love for their beer as we have for our fruit trees and our vegetable gardens at Podere la Croce. And in the same way, their beer carries authentic flavours and the values of environmental sustainability and a green philosophy.

Nowadays, for us it’s a pleasure to fearlessly recommend a citrus spiced beer combined with a vegetable or fish course or a hoppy sour beer enhanced with coriander and kumquat, an ideal match for a Bolognese sauce made with white meats.

In our beer chart there are of course double malt beers, some of which are spiced up using three different types of black pepper, a perfect combination with traditional Tuscan cuisine and stews. There are also lighter beers such as the unfiltered ones that are produced at the foot of the Tuscan Apennines.

Beer is also used as an ingredient in some of our recipes such as the “Galletto al tegame” (Pan-cooked Chicken), and in our typical Tuscan jellies, which provide an unusual twist to our dishes.

If you crave an artisanal beer while in Florence, don’t miss the chance to step into our Il Desco Bistrot. You will discover a new world of pleasant, unusual flavours that really deserve a place at your table!

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