The dishes we serve in our vegetarian restaurant in Florence are prepared with the Mediterranean diet’s main ingredient: extra virgin olive oil.

Particularly during these days when we think about our olive harvest, an early one this year, in the middle of October. In all likelihood the harvest will be smaller, due to the problems caused by last summer’s drought.

Extra virgin olive oil is perfect for the kitchen, but it is also perfect for our health.

It protects bones, preventing osteoporosis, and it’s good for the heart and keeping cholesterol down thanks to the high quality of its monounsaturated fats.

Last but not least, as far as health is concerned, extra virgin olive oil is a powerful natural antioxidant, because its polyphenols defend the integrity of our cells preventing the formation or development of tumors.


When the olive harvesting starts, at our farm Podere la Croce, we get together for a few days of work. We battle against colder temperatures but we always enjoy the closeness to nature and its wonderful fruits, that we then share with our children.

To come from or continue a farming tradition gives you a special feeling, the awareness of a cycle that begins and ends infinitely, like the cycle of the earth.

Working side by side, combining our efforts like a real team, empowers us with the necessary values to approach life with a different awareness and respect.




As a result, we chose to develop a farm-to-table kind of cuisine and to grow our own vegetables in a garden a few kilometres away from Florence. From there we get every ingredient we need to prepare fresh and authentic dishes, because we harvest and use only what the earth has given us at that time.

Olive groves at Podere la Croce are treated with organic agriculture and products that do not alter their natural balance; the trees are grown at an altitude of 300 metres, where organic olives can grow undisturbed by parasites and insects.

Probably, for this season, the harvest will be smaller than the past years, making life a little harder for small producers. However, we can assure you that at il Desco Bistrot every dish will be dressed with our Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

Write us to purchase our organic extra virgin olive oil,
book an oil tasting or reserve a table for lunch or dinner at our Il Desco Bistrot!



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