Il Desco Bistrot and the Sangiovese.
An experience to live during your stay in the heart of Florence!

Tuscan wine tasting in Florence is a time of conviviality and an experience that involves all of the senses. By slowly sipping wine surrounded by the beauty and history of this town, you will taste one thousand shades of the italian Dolce Vita.

At the Il Desco Bistrot, located near the Florence Cathedral, our guests often ask us to recommend wines that perfectly go with samples of typical Florentine food. At lunch, dinner or for a midday break, we look forward to always surprising their palate with something new.
After understanding their tastes, it is a pleasure for us to recommend a wine made on the small farms that we select with dedicated passion, knowing that every vine variety tells the story of those who grow it with love. Whenever we sell one of our bottles, we like to think that every sip of the wine that they have bought will remind them of the cheerful moments spent at our bistro!

The most typical vine variety of our region is Sangiovese, the king of red wines in the centre of Italy. Already eaten by the Etruscans more than two thousand years ago, these grapes went on to become the most important red grapes in Tuscany.


The etymology of the name is uncertain. Some link it to the term Sangiovannina grapes, because of its early maturation at the end of June, when Florence celebrates its patron Saint, John the Baptist (San Giovanni). Some link to the word sangiovannese, because they believe its origin is San Giovanni Valdarno, and others to sanguegiovese, because they think it originally comes from Monte Giove (Mount Jupiter) near Santarcangelo di Romagna. The most evocative is probably the latter, with its Latin and mythological derivation: Sanguis Jovis, the blood of Jupiter, King of all the Gods and Lord of the Olympus. 

cipresso degustazione vini toscani

At Il Desco we are faithful to the farm-to-table philosophy and organic agriculture and so here you can taste Sangiovese wines labelled with a DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) and IGT (high quality typically regional product) certificate. We choose small productions with special care in order to make sure that our wine tasting or food pairing won’t lack the best samples of our wine-producing area: therefore, you are able to enjoy Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and Chianti Classico.

In Murlo, on the hills of Siena, there is a small and interesting farm, which produces a limited number of 1500 bottles, and has created Cipresso, A IGT Tuscan wine with 100% Sangiovese grapes. Because of its limited production and organoleptic properties it can certainly be considered a niche product.

You will never forget the amazing scent of Cipresso 2011, its tannins and its great body after your tasting at the Il Desco Bistrot!

We are waiting for you in the centre of Florence,
Shams and Giacomo


Fill the form to buy your bottle of Cipresso 100% Sangiovese and to discover the labels available or contact us to reserve your table at the Il Desco Bistrot!


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