From the end of October to the beginning of November is the ideal period for harvesting the olives in Tuscany,  on the hills near Florence, and for the production of  Tuscan organic extra-virgin olive oil on the farm Podere La Croce, in Reggello.


Harvesting the olives is the hardest part of olive growing and it takes up a remarkable amount of time within the complex production process of extra-virgin olive oil. Furthermore, it is the moment of truth, because you are collecting the results of one whole year of labour amongst the 700 olive trees on our farm.

There are three main varieties of olive: moraiolo, frantoio and leccino, to which we have added pendolino which is necessary for pollination. Respecting the natural times of maturation of each variety, we manage to produce oil from each one of them.


Our olive groves are located at a good altitude, 300 meters, and this allows us to grow our own organic olives in Tuscany away from insects and parasites like the dangerous olive fly. Furthermore, thanks to our cooperation with  a network of local small organic companies, we manage to monitor and protect our cultivations which allows our olives to grow and mature in the best conditions.

From the very beginning we decided to follow the values of organic agriculture: respect for the earth and sustainability, for these reasons when treating our plants we use only products that don’t change their natural equilibrium.

We also respect our choice to follow these values with our extensive planting, where the geometric placing of the plants in rows of 5×6 meters allows every tree to have enough light and air to grow luxuriantly.


From year to year the date of harvesting can change according both to the weather conditions and the growing choices. For example in 2016 we harvested a little earlier in order to aim for maximum quality. Harvesting earlier means crushing smaller olives: this means less product in terms of quantity, but has many positive sides as far as taste is concerned, because in doing this, the most appreciated qualities of the Tuscan oil, its bitter and hot flavour, are enhanced (both linked to the varieties of olives crushed). This year, our organic extra-virgin olive oil has a wonderful fragrance and an aftertaste of artichoke, both persistent and well balanced.

The harvesting of olives and the making of olive oil in Tuscany are two of the most satisfying moments. A moment in which the earth gathers our family and our employees together in long days of work that take us back to the old rituals of the farming tradition.

You can taste our organic oil at the Il Desco Bistrot in Florence, where you can buy the Podere la Croce 100% organic olive oil, much appreciated as a gift by oil lovers. You can also purchase it by filling in the following form. We like to think it will accompany a moment of joy and conviviality with your family or friends!

One last suggestion if you are shopping for extra-virgin olive oil: choose small producers, which follow the whole production process and monitor every single step of it and make sure they provide a certificate regarding the withholding periods of the products used.

Write to us ( or reserve an oil tasting or a table for lunch or dinner at our Desco Bistrot .

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