Among the many interesting stories about Tuscan food, our bistrot in Florence city centre, has its own: the Panzanella, a dish made of simplicity and authenticity.

But what is the Panzanella and why has it been selected for our menu of Tuscan dishes, for our restaurant next to the Duomo?

The Panzanella is the emblem of the recycling offered by mother nature, and in this case, the main ingredient is the Tuscan bread.

For bread, we mean the stale one, sourdough if possible, because it is able to keep its original form, staying humid once crumbled.

Preparing the Panzanella is simple: with a knife, cut finely the Tropea fresh onions, tomatoes and cucumber ripened in the sun without the use of pesticides, only in this way we can keep the skin, rich in valuable elements beneficial for our body!

Combine the bread (wrung out by hand) and the above mentioned ingredients, season with Extra-virgin olive oil, fresh basil, wild sea salt and red vinegar. Mix it all and put it in the fridge for one hour. 15 minutes before serving, we take it out from the fridge and the Panzanella is ready to make happy both children and adults!

cucina toscana firenze duomo

Over time various “richer” versions of this dish have been created, with burrata or panzanella di mare for example. But at Il Desco Bistrot you will find the classic version, a real vintage dish, prepared like in the old times. We believe that this version, even if it represents a poor dish of rural Italy, is the tastiest and most pleasant.

The Tuscan grandmas followed
the strict principle of
don’t throw anything away

in times where it was more a necessity than a credo, but we are convinced that today this is a good practice to not waste anything in the kitchen and it is a way to respect nature and its ingredients, no matter what.

Taking distance from mere consumption, and rediscover the magic of food, this is what helps us to stay in contact with Tradition, letting us bring to our tables the farm-to-table experience that characterises us, and that sees in the Panzanella a well representative dish!

Come and try the Panzanella in our
organic restaurant in the heart of Florence,
where the taste of the Tuscan food tradition is waiting for you!