At our Podere La Croce, in the outskirts of Florence, summer is already in full bloom. At midday, the heat surrounds everything, the fields and woods are still and all we can hear is the chirrup of cicadas.

At this time humans and animals grant themselves a break, in the shade of a tree or between the walls of a fresh house, where he who makes all the rules and schedules, the sun, cannot reach them

As much as in previous months, the rhythm of activities depends on the season. In summer, the sunrise and sunset are the most important moments, the former to harvest fruit vegetables, the latter to harvest lettuce, rocket and parsley, leafy greens.

Vegetable garden summer 2

In summer, the vegetable garden is a triumph of ripe fruits and vivid colours: tomatoes, radishes, red and yellow peppers, apricots, cherries and strawberries grow luxuriant thanks to the heat and water.

The latter, being essential for life, is distributed early in the morning, when we water the plants. It is crucial to be extremely careful with the use of water, due to its great importance, also from a environmental sustainability perspective.

The fundamentals for a ration of the use of water are: collecting rain water and reusing it through a system oftrickle irrigation, as well as preparing the earth with abundant mulching in order to preserve humidity in the soil.

The magic of summer stays in the fact that the majority of summer plants have a long period of productivity. In the Mediterranean regions, for example, a tomato plant gives fruit from June to October.

Therefore during these months it is always possible to get in touch with small local producers to purchase fruit and vegetables.
The advantages of thisshort supply chain are many: a guaranteed freshness of the product and a full use of the fruit , protecting us from the risk of ingesting synthetic substances that, little by little, would damage our health.

Consuming seasonal products, also means preserving the authentic taste of the fruit or vegetable, a taste that develops fully because the fruit is left on the plant until it has ripened.

Therefore summer is the best period of the year to state and confirm the value of certain choices, that are the defence of the environment and of our health..

The delicacies of our colourful vegetable garden at Podere La Croce, constitute the ingredients of the dishes of the seasonal menus of our Il Desco Bistrot , organic restaurant in the heart of the city of Florence.

“ Sit the noon out, pale and lost in thought beside a blistering garden wall, hear, among the thorns and brambles, snakes among the thorns and brambles, snakes rustle, blackbirds catcall.” (Cuttlefish Bones, Eugenio Montale)


For all information on our menus and to reserve a table at our bistro, write to!


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