Observing the phases of the moon to organize the work in the vegetable garden:

let us welcome the season of Selene!


Thanks to the great effort and care that we put into cultivating our vegetable garden, the earth gives us the fresh ingredients that we use in our organic restaurant in Florence, which also boasts vegetarian and gluten free dishes. With these ingredients, we give life to colourful and tasty recipes by enhancing our traditional Tuscan cuisine with a hint of creativity.


Spring can give everything and gives it all: cheerful tweets and birds flying about in the sky, buds and leaves and flowers on our trees to please the eye. In the fields, animals become more beautiful and get ready for the season of love. In us, the awakening of energy is evident as much as it is in the nature surrounding us.


The air quivers with infinite possibilities

[Gianrico Carofiglio – Ad occhi chiusi]


All of this is possible at Podere La Croce, our farm near Florence. Spring is the season we prefer, the moment of joy and awakening. The earth welcomes new  local and organic seeds. We can already produce many of these seeds ourselves and we preserve with great care both our vegetable heritage and our cooking tradition. We know, thanks to a millennia of experience, how important it is to observe the phases of the moon when it comes to farming activities and nowadays we can easily rely on lunar calendars to know what they are.


But how does the moon influence the awakening of plants? According to the waning or crescent moon, there are specific activities to be done in the garden.


The moon determines the kind of activity we carry out in spring at Podere La Croce: seeding and harvesting.


During the waning moon phase we seed those fruits that are meant to be preserved, such as garlic, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, borlotti and cannellini beans, chickpeas. Also, we plant leafy greens, such as chards and spinaches or else in other phases of the moon they will become plants purely for reproduction and cannot be eaten anymore.


The phase of the crescent moon is known as “the time of harvesting and growth”, but we can still seed those plants the fruits of which we would immediately want to consume, such as string beans, flat green beans and asparagus. This is the secret to making them grow luxuriant!


We Italians have a rhyme that helps us recognise the phases of the moon:

“gobba a ponente luna crescente, gobba a levante luna calante”!

“hunckback on the west crescent moon, hunchback on the east waning moon”!


The awakening of nature is also the best moment to pick wild herbs from the fields and to use them in fresh and tasty salads or for infusions (borage, sow thistle, nakedweed, dandelion, nettle, burdock) with great phytotherapeutic properties, such as those we suggest here >>.

primavera orto vicino firenze

Therefore, spring is the ideal moment for green fingers to be proactive: those who have a terrace and a few vases, during the first days of April, can plant tomatoes, basil, chili peppers and cucumbers in order to have them for the whole Summer.


Spring has finally arrived along with Selene, the Greek goddess who represents the moon, a beautiful and very mysterious young woman crossing the sky with her silver carriage drawn by two horses. Sister of the Sun and Dawn, the goddess rides the winter cold and brightly accompanies the phases of the awakening of the Earth.


Breath deeply in the fresh and light air of change!

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