Is there better news of the arrival of summer? Even though in our farm we still collect the last fruits of winter, broccoli and cauliflower, and in Tuscany the artichokes have not yet given up, our mind looks straight to the Spring.

It is during this period that the garden is preparing its reborn in a new form, providing every ingredient for our seasonal menu and for a shopping rich in fruits and vegetables at the peak of their maturation, nutritious, tasty and surely healthy.

An example: we all know that it is a good rule to purify ourselves after the lavish winter meals. The virtuous cycle of nature right now comes to meet us with the asparagus, probably the king of vegetables.


Rich in fiber, calcium and phosphorus, almost free of fats, asparagus is well known for its antioxidant properties that promote the detoxification of the whole body.

That is exactly why of the recipe we want to share with you: Tagliolini pasta with Carbonara Asparagus, a dish that you will find in our new seasonal menu!

Another natural element that amazes us for its beneficial properties is rucola (arugula), rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. In addition to being exquisite, its diuretic and digestive function is a real healthy touch for everybody.

Walking through the garden you can already notice the shy presence of nettle and spring onions (cipollotti), pods, spinach, radishes, purple and green cabbage: a real army of vegetables and fruits to be consumed within this period, to guarantee their zero miles origin.

spesa stagione primavera desco

And to celebrate Spring don’t miss – along with the flowering of the fields and the explosion of perfumes that follows – the intense red color of the strawberries and the aromas of those herbs that grow wild: borage, cicerbite, terracrepoli and dandelion. A strange sequence of unusual names for a lot of phytotherapeutic properties, good to taste in the salad!

And in conclusion, enjoy the last nice oranges – the Sanguinelle di Lentini – before the season comes alive and gives us other wonderful opportunities to support it and celebrate it with all the dishes of our Spring 2018 Menu!

Winter is not yet gone, and the apple tree appears suddenly changed into a cascade of fragrant stars.
(Pablo Neruda)