Pecorino cheese or peanut gelato?
Perhaps that sounds weird…or maybe you are curious to find out more!

On the winter menu of our restaurant in the center of Florence, we have enjoyed creating odd combinations that are perfectly balanced in flavour, such as our gourmet starter: pumpkin and leek flan, fresh out of the oven, together with a Pecorino cheese ice cream ball served on a crunchy black bread wafer.

A 100% Italian delicacy!


Ice cream might seem superfluous when cooking, but it’s not. It’s a nutritious food with a large range of flavours and the creative taste of those who conceive it, together with the skills of those who create it, plays a crucial role.

As with all of the dishes made by our chef, those including ice cream have to meet our selection criteria as far as ingredients are concerned..

In order to serve an authentic, healthy and non–processed food, we are working alongside one of the best ice-cream parlours in Florence: the Sicilian parlour Carabè.

With Antonio Lisciandro, the owner, it was love at first sight. We have fallen in love with is passion for the ingredients and his talent in transforming them following sustainable procedures that preserve the environment and all the properties of the product.


Today, thanks to his efforts, we are able to offer you an ice cream made with fresh seasonal products, and not with semi-manufactured goods or chemical mixtures that standardise flavours and fail the real test, the palate!

For example, we choose to use fresh Pecorino cheese made by a shepherd from Grosseto and in spring, when animals feed from their mothers, we choose ricotta from sheep.

In our evolution of taste without limit, artisans like Antonio offer us the opportunity to experiment and freely create flavour combinations that become the main dish on our menus and part of our small history at Il Desco Bistrot.

Sometimes the sharing of values to aim for the same ideals is a necessity for strengthening our passion for authentic flavours and gluten free food such as our ice cream, and a rejection of unhealthy processed food.

The small apple pie with peanut ice cream is the ideal dessert to finish your lunch or dinner, an unusual choice combining hot and cold, a new and pleasant experience for your palate.

In all of the seasons, at Bistrot Il Desco we will always be waiting for you with an ice-cream in hand…well, almost always!