The Desco Bistrot knows very well that it’s difficult to resist being greedy, especially when the heat rises with the sun of a spring day. That’s why we recommend the recipe of a light and tasty cake: a spring recipe with fresh ingredients, easy to make at home and absolutely loved by children.

A lovely idea for Easter as well, as we have put it on our Easter Lunch menu!





will conquer you




Organic Strawberries 500g

Gelatine sheets 12g

Water 105 ml

Brown sugar 95g

A few drops of organic lemon

Fresh cream 500ml


Clean, wash and chop the strawberries. Put them in a small saucepan with the water, sugar and some lemon drops and cook them over a medium heat for 4/5 minutes. In the meantime soak the gelatine in some water at room temperature for the time indicated in the instructions.

Once the gelatine is soaked, add it to the strawberry mixture. With a blender, blend the gelatine and strawberries coarsely and let the mixture cool until it becomes room temperature.

Whip the cream and add it to the strawberry mixture, making sure to incorporate it into the mixture stirring with a movement from the bottom to the top.

Pour the mixture into single portion moulds, and cool them in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.


The special touch:

decorate with a fresh strawberry sliced in the shape of a fan,

a hazelnut and a mint leaf!


Strawberries have numerous properties: detoxifying, diuretic, depurative, they are rich in vitamin C, mineral salts and are 20 times more antioxidant than any other food.

Last but not least, strawberries are among the best foods to keep you young, as they contain folic acid which is helpful for your memory. A word to the wise!  ;P


You can eat almost the strawberry Bavarian cake without feeling guilty…almost! 

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