The vegetable garden in winter: a small guide in which you will discover
that nature never stops working, because every season has its own fruits!

“Winter. Like a seed my soul needs the secret work of this season.” [Giuseppe Ungaretti]

To follow the order of Nature is not just an important duty for us humans, but also a great opportunity to make the best out of every season and guarantee the best quality as far as food is concerned.

Autumn, with the harvesting of olives and the production of biological oil in our Podere La Croce in Reggello, represents the conclusion of our productive cycle and, while waiting for the beginning of the new year, we start organizing a new cycle.

Winter is a fascinating season, a time for silence and meditation. The sun rises later, nature slows down, animals hibernate and humans have the opportunity of entering a more intimate and natural dimension.

This is the time of observation, the time in which we get excited just from feeling the freezing cold on our face and hands, we are surrounded by the faded light that erases the border between sky and earth and we contemplate a still and raw environment in harmony with itself.


In this hazy atmosphere, where our breath turns to mist, nature remains prolific in its rest and sends us hints that we need to start our activities, the ones that require slower rhythms and special care in the vegetable garden, activities that are often forgotten in other seasons in order to keep up with the frenetic rhythm of the productive cycle.

In this period we walk in the woods surrounding our farm on the hills of Florence, feeling as if we are a part of them and searching for scented leafy evergreen branches (juniper, bay and fir) pine cones, colourful berries (wild rose and ivy). Then, we get all of our family and friends involved in the making of garlands, centrepieces and small handicrafts to decorate our houses and brighten up our souls. These are unforgettable memories that feed our innocent hearts, hearts always willing to discover and to be amazed.

Our vegetable garden takes a well-deserved break, offering us the last of its seasonal vegetables such as radicchio, Savoy cabbage, kale (the main ingredient in our typical dish “Ribollita”) and wild broccoli to be used in healthy and tasty recipes that combine with the wintery atmosphere perfectly, and with the firewood burning in the fireplace and brightening up the day with its warm flames.

If you want to taste the delicacies of our wintery vegetable garden, we invite you to visit our Bistrot il Desco, in the heart of Florence, in Via Cavour, where you can enjoy a strictly seasonal menu designed according to the rhythm of nature.

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