For easter lunch a selection of courses made with fresh ingredients!



The total amount of 45.00€ per person includes one appetizer, one first cours, one second cours, one dessert.

Service and cover charge included.  Drinks not included: the mount of wine tasting is 15.00€ per person and it includes 4 glasses paired with courses

Otherwise you can choose à la carte.

iconasenzaglutine=gluten free


Spinach flan with ricotta cheese quenelle in organic e.v. oil 9.50€ iconasenzaglutine

Mini Beef tartare with mustard and sauerkraut crispy crouton 11.00€ iconasenzaglutine

First dishes 

Bavette pasta with fava beans and pecorino cheese pesto 13.00€ iconasenzaglutine

Paccheri pasta with light rabbit ragout 13.00€ iconasenzaglutine

Second dishes

Stuffed lamb with artichokes and and roasted potatoes 23.00€ iconasenzaglutine

Crusted pork fillet with pistachios and almonds in beer and honey sauce 23.00€ iconasenzaglutine

Roast seitan on chickpeas cream with stewed asparaguses 19.00€ 


Millefuille with Chantilly cream and dark chocolate 8.00€ iconasenzaglutine

Light strawberries bavarian cream on hazelnuts crumble 8.00€ iconasenzaglutine


The total amount of 27.00€ includes 3-course dinner from te menu for children (3-12 years)

Free of charge children under 3 years

iconasenzaglutine=gluten free


Local Tuscan Ham with bufala mozzarella bites iconasenzaglutine

First Dish

Traditional lasagna with Tuscan Beef sauce (pasta) iconasenzaglutine

Second Dish

Roastbeef with roast potatoes iconasenzaglutine


Millefuille with Chantilly cream and dark chocolate iconasenzaglutine

Light strawberries bavarian cream on hazelnuts crumble iconasenzaglutine

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